remember the time i was healthy

((i just moved ditto to the other pokemon rp group cause idk what to do without cheren hahah,, the only problem is how slow everything is but i'm sure it'll pick up!!))

((mhm..!! eventually!))

one last……….

one last……….

(( im prolly gonna unfollow everyone and only follow people in that g roup too sry….. ))

((im gonna tr y to return back to this blog gradually and i may… move to the  other rp group because?? idk what happened to ilasgoc and cheren and aaron are there and that one seems more organized….))

(( can i apologize for being so inactive?? its just

ahh tracks stressful, i have a lot of homework and reduced time so i end up indulging the free time i have in other things…

im not gone though!! im just waiting for times when im not stressed to return ))

(( im too wimpy to jump into the ilasgoc hunger games and its probably too late too anyway


ddo we have to sign up for the hunger games thing somehwere,

 hun ger games/???


tell me more